Arirang World

Arirang TV is an international, English-language network based in Seoul, South Korea, operated by The Korea International Broadcasting Foundation. The channel presents a diverse lineup of programs ranging from cultural features, documentaries, language programs and other entertaining segments designed to give viewers a contemporary and accurate look at Korea, Asia and the world at large. The network’s name, “Arirang,” is derived from the traditional Korean folk song of the same name. Founded in 1996, Arirang TV airs news, cultural programs, educational shows, documentaries and more 24 hours a day, in more than 188 countries. As Korea's premier English-language channel, Arirang's mission is to present an accurate view of Korea to the world through unbiased news reports and programs featuring a diversity of perspectives. Viewers with little knowledge about Korea or with an outdated impression of the country can gauge the pulse of the fast-changing nation through Arirang. Some of the network's most popular and longest-running shows include Arirang News, Showbiz Extra, Pops in Seoul and Heart to Heart. "Arirang News" is one of many current affairs shows that provide up-to-the-minute, objective and in-depth coverage of domestic and international news. Through such programs as "Diplomacy Lounge" and the talk show "Heart to Heart," viewers can gain diverse insights and perspectives on Korea, glimpsing the country through the eyes of foreign diplomats, visiting international newsmakers and more. Though government affiliated, Arirang retains independent programming rights and presents a timely and accurate portrait of Korea. Arirang also airs programs about Asia and the world, offering viewers in Korea and abroad culturally diverse content. Whether it's through a culinary show about global cuisines or a commercial made in conjunction with UNICEF to combat world hunger, Arirang serves as an international channel that bridges cultures. Operated by The Korea International Broadcasting Foundation, Arirang broadcasts three channels: Arirang World, Arirang Korea and Arirang Arab. The network offers subtitles in languages including Arabic, Chinese and Spanish. Starting on March 3, 2008 Arirang TV adding three more languages namely Russian, Vietnamese and Indonesian. It is free-to-air in much of Europe, North America, Asia (excluding Korea), Australia and the Pacific region, and provided via Astra 1E, Hotbird 3, Intelsat (PAS) 2, 8, 9 and 10 and Arabic feed in Asiasat 3s and Badr4. Arirang Korea feed is now available in Koreasat 3 via SkyLife DTH service.

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